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EDI setup FAQs


Q: What do you need to get started?

A: You’ll need an EDI provider and a live EDI Mailbox in order to begin the setup process.

Q: My ANA number isn’t 13 digits, what do I do?
A: You can add zeroes to either the front or back of your ANA number. Please check this with your EDI provider before filling it in on the form.

Q: What is my Mailbox ID?
A: A mailbox ID, otherwise known as a mailbag reference, is a way for our EDI provider to locate your mailbox during the setup. The Mailbox can be identified by its format: ABC12345

Q: My setup cannot be processed as my address is incorrect in your records, what do I do?
A: You can have our records changed by contacting our Database Team. Do this by emailing Financial Processing and quoting “Database” in the subject line.

Q: What is EANCOM and Tradacoms?
A: EANCOM and Tradacom are two different types of EDI format. Tradacoms is predominately used in the UK, whereas EANCOM is used internationally. The key difference on the supplier side is that Tradacoms tax information is transmitted within the invoice file. With EANCOM, tax information is transmitted in a separate Taxcon file.

Q: Which EDI version do I use?
A: We support Tradacoms versions 8 and 9, as well as EANCOM version 96A

Q: What is my Qualifier ID?
A: Your qualifier ID can be 12, 14 or ZZ. Qualifier ID’s are only necessary for the EANCOM format.

Q: What is the difference between the EAN Code types?
A: The difference is solely on the length of the number. EAN13 are 13 digits, UPC12 are 12 digits and SUPP are whichever length you wish.