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Underpayment on GFR invoice due to incorrect VAT

Supplier Actions


If you have received payment for an invoice and you believe that this has been underpaid due to missed VAT, please refer to the below information.

  • If you believe that the VAT on your invoice has not been paid, please first check the invoice that was entered on iSupplier, you can do this here.
  • If the invoice was submitted without VAT and has not been paid, please credit the invoice. You can follow guidance on this process here.
  • Please do not submit any other invoices via this channel as they will not be processed.


Please check the invoice on iSupplier to see the exact detail on the invoice that was submitted.

Note: If the VAT amount was correct on the invoice submitted then your invoice underpayment will not relate to VAT.
  1. Log onto iSupplier
    Note: must be a validated domain
  2. Select GFR iSP Invoice Inquiry
  3. Go to the Invoices and Payments tab
  4. Select View Invoices
  5. Enter the invoice number and click GO
  6. The invoice should appear below, scroll across to the Synthetic image column
  7. Click on View Image and check the amounts submitted on the invoice


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