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Create a GNFR credit note on iSupplier

Supplier Actions


Please follow the below steps to enter a Goods Not For Resale credit note.


  1. Input details - all required fields are marked with an asterisk


    Select the same Operating Unit you chose for your original invoice. 

    • Invoice Number should be your Credit Note Number (Not the original Invoice Number)
    • Invoice Date should be the date in which your original invoice was Invoice Date
    • Description should say 'Credit Note for' then a similar description the description
      you put on your original invoice
    • Select Credit Memo from the invoice type dropdown
    • Processing Team should be Accounts Payable, unless otherwise advised.
    • Enter your Net, VAT and Gross Amounts (as a minus number)
  2. Match the Credit Note to the relevant invoice

    • Search for the original invoice by typing in the invoice number and
      click Go
      Note: ensure any pop-up blocker allows pop-ups 
    • Alternatively, you can click the magnifying glass icon and search for part of the invoice number using % either side (e.g if your invoice number is INV1234 you could search for %1234%)
  3. When you have selected the relevant invoice, you can identify if the original invoice was processed against a purchase order.
    •  The fields on the right hand side ( Price Hold, QTY, Ordered, Hold) will be populated with the purchase order details. 
    • It also indicates if the original invoice is on price hold  (variance between price and invoice price) or qty hold (variance between purchase order quantity and invoice quantity).
  4. Select the relevant line to match to the credit note then click Add or Add All depending on whether you are crediting in part or full.
  5. JLP iSupplier assumes credit notes matched to purchase orders relate to quantity, but allows you to tick the Price Corr box for unit price correction.
  6. Once you have completed the entry of your credit note lines click Submit in the top right hand corner
  7. You will now see a confirmation page, click OK to agree to submit your credit note

Next Steps

Once submitted the status on the invoice will change to Ready for Import, this will update overnight when the invoice integrates into our live systems.