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John Lewis debit dispute: pricing

Supplier Actions


If you have received a debit note raised for pricing discrepancies on your John Lewis invoice and you would like to dispute this, please contact your Buyer.

Your Buyer can then check and update the relevant pricing system and confirm approval for the reversal to the Finance Service Centre.

When reaching out to your Buyer, ensure you provide the invoice(s) and debit note copy. Please consider factors like Trade Discount affecting the item price on the order or pack size differences which may impact pricing. You can discuss these further with your Buyer to prevent further debits for the same issue with any future invoices.

If you would like to dispute multiple pricing debits relating to the same product, please attach an Excel sheet showing the debit note numbers that you are disputing and our Buyer will investigate.


  1. Please liaise with your JLP buyer to ensure the system is showing up to date pricing and ask them to approve reversal of the debit
  2. Please save the email trail containing your Buyer's approval as an attachment or take a screenshot of this to add to the help request below
  3. Complete the request form below ensuring you attach confirmation from the buyer and the original debit note

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