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John Lewis GFR debit note dispute: quantity

Supplier Actions


If you provide John Lewis Goods for Resale and have received an accounts payable quantity debit note (e.g.D123456) that you would like to dispute; please refer to the below information.

A quantity debit note will have been raised due to a system discrepancy between the line quantities that have been invoiced and that have been received by the delivery location.

  • If you wish to dispute a mixed debit for pricing and quantity differences, please dispute this using the pricing help request and not the quantity request linked below.
  • If you have multiple quantity debit notes to dispute, please complete one dispute help request per debit note as each case will need to be investigated separately.
  • For debit notes relating to returns (D012345678), please contact the location that the debit note was sent from or the returns team at clipper if you would like to dispute this type of debit.


  1. If you would like to dispute this, please ensure that you have signed proof of delivery document, where the delivery location and date match that on the invoice
  2. You will also need to provide a packing list, showing the quantities of each line packaged in each box delivery
  3. Please submit a help request below, uploading the documents as a one page PDF 
  4. Once we have received these two documents, our processing team will be able to review the information provided and investigate further. We'll respond to you and let you know whether reversal can be actioned and repayment made
    Note: If the two request documents are not received we will be unable to assist with the debit note further and you will need to contact your buyer directly.

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