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Create a GNFR invoice on iSupplier

Supplier Actions


Please follow the guidance on this article to enter and submit a Goods Not for Resale (GNFR) invoice. Follow this process when you want to match an existing purchase order to a GNFR invoice.

  • We've included notes for those who are part of the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), where tax will be withheld on the invoice and paid directly to HMRC.


  1. Log in to iSupplier
    Note: This must be from a validated domain.
  2. Select GNFR Invoice Entry option
  3. Select the Invoices and Payments tab
  4. Select Create Invoice
  5. Complete the mandatory fields at the top of the invoice (shown by *)
    Note: If you are a CIS supplier you will need to ensure the CIS site number is selected, this should bring up the supplier name with (CIS) after it.
  6. Under the match to purchase order section search for the PO number and click Go
  7. Select the PO line and click Add PO line to invoice or Add all PO lines to invoice
  8. The order line should then move down to the Invoice Lines section, where you can make any required adjustments
    Note: If you are a CIS supplier you will need to split any materials and labour lines on your invoice.
  9. Complete the information on the invoice lines ensuring quantity, amount, vat code are completed and click recalculate
    Note: If you are a CIS supplier, please make sure you chose the line type for each of your lines from the drop-down either Labour or Materials. Tax will be withheld from Labour lines only, failure to select a correct line type could result in Withholding Tax not being correctly applied to your invoice.
  10. Please check the Net amount, Vat amount, and Gross amount in the top right hand corner and click Submit
  11. A confirmation message will come up to check you would like to submit the invoice, click Ok
  12. The invoice has now been submitted